Street scene composites

One of my main aims with Digital Image and Culture is to experiment more – something I have been struggling to do so far but intend to begin to change. Recently, I hit on the idea of producing composites of multiple images taken in busy locations. If I found a place I could sit my camera and then set it to take pictures at intervals then I could use the resulting images to build images that show two manipulated states of the same scene – the first, completely empty of people, the second full of people. I am unsure if my initial experiments have any value in pursuing further, but my initial reaction is to try and produce a few more of these. If nothing else, it is good practice with Photoshop.

I made these by keeping my camera in a stationary position on a seat, setting the exposure and focus to manual and using the interval shooting option to take shots every 5 seconds. In Photoshop, I started with the first image and then added the next picture in the sequence as a layer. I found an area of the scene in the second shot that had become empty due to one of the people in it moving, made a loose selection and added a layer mask. I continued this until I managed to delete ‘erase’ everyone from the scene and was left with an empty street scene. For the second image I reversed the process and added people into the picture leaving me with a composite that was full of activity.