Street Scene Composites – further experiments

Thinking about possible approaches for assignment 1 I decided to revisit the images I used for ‘Street scene composites’. My aim here was to bring work together in a way that would draw immediate attention to the fact they are individual images rather than as a convincing single montage as I had in the previous work.

This technique is a possibility for the physical part of assignment 1 – I decided to divide each image into equal sections, 10 in total, and ‘slice’ vertically before putting these together in photoshop. I went through each of the unedited pictures and chose sections that had elements that caught my eye – this was mainly where people were in the foreground. Once I had done this, I was able to switch between layers to create different final compositions – three of which are below:

Next, I brought together 10 images from one section into a single image:

The sections of the slice images are chosen randomly which is a deliberate strategy, however, I wonder if a more considered approach could work better, such as all women or men, everyone facing the same way…there is a kinetic sense of people going about their business anonymously in the city in these that I like – somehow by only showing fragments of the person, but still giving a sense of the whole scene, this ‘loneliness in the crowd’ feeling is somehow emphasised.

Finally, I noticed from the initial unedited pictures that a lady selling the Big Issue is a constant – some of the other images contain the same people but they are in the same area either sitting or talking. Using the image I had created with no one in the frame as a background, I made a new image with only the Big Issue seller in the frame. This could have potential for further exploration.