Serge Mendjisky

The work of Serge Mendjisky was brought to my attention by fellow OCA student Nuala Mahon after I presented my work for assignment 1 for feedback during a course hangout. Nuala said that the second part of my work where I have taken ‘strips’ of different photographs and brought them together as a collage reminded her of Mendjisky and his photographic collages of famous city skylines.

Mendjisky began using photography as his final means of expression in 2000 – previously he photographed scenes to use as the basis for his paintings. Mendjisky’s photographic work is directly inspired by Cubism and is concerned with exploring the appearance and perception of the world. The work is created by a process of decomposing and recomposing to create a final, fragmented and multi dimensional view.

This work immediately reminds me of David Hockney’s ‘joiners’ – I can certainly also see the relationship it shares with Cubism. It is interesting that Mendjisky chose to change his practice from painting to working with photography at the end of his career – it appears to suggest that this was an idea that had developed over many years before he finally began to pursue it. The images themselves are impressively dynamic and strongly evoke movement. The compositions appear to be made entirely from vertical strips on first glance but closer inspection shows multiple collage techniques in use. Overall – an artist I was not aware of and one that I am glad has been brought to my attention.