Andy Warhol and Learning Logs…

While researching artist Samin Ahmadzadeh, I came across a quote from Andy Warhol that I found inspiring. I am noting this here after reading various discussions regarding the learning log following a presentation by OCA tutor Andrea Norrington on the subject. (See OCA discuss forum thread here and Simon Chirgwin’s blog post here.)

I was unable to attend the zoom call presentation but was keen to understand what was discussed. Much seems to have been made about how the learning log is different, and separate, from the blog. The learning log provides context and the material should be from the coursework and assignments. It should record work as it is being done, for example, notes, sketches and physical work in progress. Two important points are made that particularly resonate with me – learning log entries do not need to be finished writing (they can use abbreviations and even emojis) and they should not take a long time to write or read. As noted in my reflection on part one, time taken on the course is a major concern for me – this information is perhaps the ‘kick’ I need to put thoughts about what I need to do to progress faster into practice…so, here is the quote from Warhol that previously I would have filed somewhere and forgotten about. Perhaps I should print it and stick above my desk…

“Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide whether it is good or bad, whether they love or hate it. While they’re deciding, make even more art.”

Andy Warhol (Bahadur, 2016)


Bahadur, T. (2016) All Woven Up. On Art and Aesthetics. Available at: [accessed 24th November 2019]

Chirgwin, S. (2019) Logs and that. Digital Image and Culture – Simon Chirgwin, 24th November 2019. Available at: [accessed 24th November 2019]

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